Painting, illustration, installation

For Valfaccenda we have carried out two installation interventions, which would tell the story of the company and the relational aspects between them and the Roero area. We started with three keywords that are

Observation intended as cataloging and archiving. We have recreated the story of the territory that surrounds us on the concrete seat: The Roero. An analytical immersion in a territory that was once a sea, made up of layers, sediments and debris. We therefore find allusions to the marine world, the fossils and the fantastic vegetation that populated these territories from 130 million years ago and which, even today, come alive in the stories of a vital and dynamic territory like the Roero. We talked about adaptation by recreating an archive of forms able to tell the man, the territory and his work. A deconstructed portrait that blends into the territory and accompanies the visitor in a new narrative. What emerges is an unconventional, identity-based signage that leaves room for interpretation to take us to as yet unexplored territories. To end with the concept of interpretation, understood as the symbolism that binds man to wine, feminine forms are mixed with masculine forms to tell the characteristics of a red and a white that speak of the territory, of working with the hands, of knowing to look and to be able to see far away even where nothing has yet been written. Human forms are broken down and reassembled to create new and new narratives with the nature within which they live. Made in collaboration with Alice Lotti.