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Illustrator and graphic designer based in Italy. Books, identities, posters, wall paintings, printed and digital matters. For further informations, commissions or collaborative inquieries please get in touch.


Mural, painting, illustration

The mural I made for Habitat starts from the idea that strength does not mean opposition, resistance or clash, but instead it means welcome and acceptance of the same strength that comes from outside.
If we know how to accept and channel energy without developping resistence to it, we will let the excess weight go away, relieving us, like the willow tree does with its snow-covered branches.
Compliance can neutralize strength, compliance it is strength itself. From the interpretation of this concept I have explored the meaning of the words “care” and “delicacy”, by translating them into compositions of conceptual and figurative signs.

Photography: Sina Pouyan

© Patrizio Anastasi